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I am originally from sunny Southern California. I have lived in many states, but believe that the west coast is the best coast and always find my way back to California. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area after graduating from Northwestern University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Since living in the Bay, I have been fortunate to work at awesome places and learn and apply new skills. I am currently a Content Developer. Previously, I've been a Developer Advocate, Technical Program Manager, and 7+ years as a QA Engineer. I enjoy continuing to grow and learn.

When I am not working, I'm looking for my next adventure. I absolutely love to travel, and am always on the lookout for flight deals to exotic places. I also really love to cook and experiment with new recipres. And when Im not doing any of those other things, you can catch me hanging out with my husband, son, and our two dogs.

My Presentations

Presentations from talks I have given

My Expertise

Automation testing

Skilled in automation and can build a framework using any language or framework.

Manual Testing

An expert in the art of manual testing and coming up with happy paths, sad paths and edge cases.

Agile Transformation

Worked with multiple teams to help instill agile testing activities to accelerate their impact and be involved throughout the SDLC.


Have setup and managed various CI and CD pipeline. I look for infrastructure improvements.

Release management

Advise how to optimize the release process and limit manual steps of the release.


March 2022 - present

Senior Content Developer

March 2021 - March 2022

Senior Cloud Advocate

December 2019 - March 2020

Senior Program Manager


December 2018 - December 2019

Engineering Manager


July 2017 - December 2018

Quality Engineer


I work with the Editor Tools team which focuses on building the GitHub extension for IDEs. My main responsbilities are to:
- Write and execute detailed test plans for every featur developed
- Help improve release process
- Implement quality processes
- Build an automation framework
- Facilitate retrospectives on testing and release processes

October 2016 - June 2017

Quality Engineer


I worked primarily on cross-functional project teams to help deliver quality software to our customers. My main activities were to:
- Wrote and executed detailed test plans for manual testing of new development projects
- Actively contributed to the automation framework in an efficient way so that the framework will be scalable and maintainable
- Investigated bugs and contributed to prioritization of feature requests - Organized bug bashes – a directed, cross-functional testing session to ensure confidence in our product launches
- Evolved QA practices and processes into our SDLC

June 2015 - September 2016

Quality Engineer


As the first QA Engineer at Earnest it was my primary focus to create a strong foundation of quality within the organization.
- Built a robust smoke and regression test suites run in CI
- Expanded test coverage to include mobile web, web and native iOS versions
- Introduced best testing practices to our agile workflow

July 2012 - August 2015

Senior QA Consultant


Worked in agile software development teams across a wide range of technologies and industries to perform various types of testing to produce quality web and mobile applications. I led efforts to transform agile testing within organizations.

My Courses on LinkedIn Learning

Learning Selenium

Selenium is one of the most popular tools for testing web-based applications. It allows QA engineers to write and automate tests across many different browsers and operating systems, without a special scripting language. This course introduces Selenium to new users, covering installation and basic use cases.

Selenium Essential Training

Take your Selenium framework skills to the next level. First, Meaghan reviews the fundamentals and shows you how to get the most out of WebDriver. Next, she takes you into the mechanics of advanced locators and interacting with components. Then, she shares how to overcome common synchronization issues. She wraps up by covering workflows and integrations.

Test Automation Foundations

Automated testing relies on scripting and frameworks like Selenium to prove that products work as expected. Test automation is an enormous time-saver, and it's crucial to continuous integration, continuous delivery, and agile software development. This course covers the foundations of test automation, as well as different strategies for implementation.

My Articles

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