About Me

I am originally from sunny Southern California. I have lived in over 7 states, but strongly believe that the west coast is the best coast. I moved to San Francisco in 2012 after graduating from Northwestern University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Since living in the Bay, I have been fortunate to work at awesome places. I am a QA Engineer, and am enjoying continuing to learn and grow both my tech and business skills. On a day to day basis, I get to test software applications by discovering defects and raising risks. It is great to be able to pick an application apart so that when it is released to a customer, I feel satisfaction that the app will work smoothly

When I am not working, im always looking for my next adventure. I absolutely love to travel, and on a daily basis can tell you the cheapest flight from San Francisco to anywhere on the planet, basically. I also really love to cook and am constantly learning how to cook new and more exciting dishes. A couple times a week I try to play soccer. My position of choice is left midfield. And when Im not doing any of those other things, you can catch me hanging out with my dog, Glitch.